The original quote is in French of course:

'La peinture, c’est très facile
quand vous ne savez pas comment faire.
Quand vous le savez, c’est très difficile.'

DEGAS was the working title the Ministry used when the decision was made to establish this council. We looked up the painter and found this description:

'Though in retrospect Degas is often referred to as an impressionist, he considered himself a realist, illuminating his notion that reality often lies beyond what the eye can perceive.'

This seemed to be rather relevant to what we intended to do. When we also came across a relevant quote from Degas himself -see the header of this site- we decided DEGAS would remain our name.

Just Culture

The most important element of a Learning Organization is a Just Culture, because only in a Just Culture are people free to talk in detail about things that went wrong without fear for repercussions. Do not confuse this with a No-blame Culture. People will still be held accountable in cases of gross neglicence or criminal acts. A lot of the Just Culture literature is about how to draw this line between gross negligence and other things that go wrong and about who gets to draw that line.

However, the crucial importance is that only in a Just Culture environment will it be possible to learn the real stories behind what went wrong. Without those stories, thus without a Just Culture, attempts to create a Learning Organization will fail.


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