MH 370

A summary and a possible scenario

In the first weeks after MH 370 disappeared from the radar screens we received repeated media requests to help understand and explain facts and developments. We started to maintain a file, initially just to store and organize information when and as it became available. When the information indicated the disappearance of MH 370 could have been a deliberate act, operational expertise was added. What would/could an aviation professional do to make that happen? What would be a plausible scenario and could such a scenario assist the search for MH 370? And above all: what would falsify or confirm that scenario? For a scenario tells us only what might have happened. Not necessarily what did happen.

This file summarizes the search effort and presents a possible scenario:

  1. What we know now.
  2. What we can know now because the information should be available.
  3. What we need to know from the data recorder to solve the mystery.

This file will be updated whenever new information becomes available. Last update: January 10, 2015.

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